The Egyptian Universities Library Consortium (EULC) is a national consortium serving the academic university libraries in Egypt. It the formal consortium of the country as it is including all the public universities participating in its activities and services using unified systems, supervised and monitored by a national coordination body.

The EULC major objective is to enhance the availability of and access to research resources in the public universities.

The vision statement of the EULC is worded as follow:
The EULC is a cooperative program among Egyptian academic and research institutions and it’s envision transforming their libraries resources and services to the requirements of the 21st. Century.

The mission statement of the EULC is typically of a large national consortium and as internationally recognized information institution is as follow:
The Egyptian university libraries consortium as a cooperative program aims at grouping homogenous and diverse academic and research libraries together in order to achieve the optimum saving in expanses and resources sharing by facilitating accessing the required information resources which fulfill the Egyptian scholars and students educational and research needs through providing preeminent infrastructure, collections, and services that shapes the creation of knowledge and facilitating learning and research.

In order to achieve its vision and mission statement, the EULC implements a bunch of goals and objectives: The objectives statements as they are worded in the plan are:

1. Promote formal relations between members to foster collaboration and resource sharing.
2. Support optimal access to information for members through regional and national co-operation.
3. Promote electronic collection development and resource sharing.
4. Provide support for the implementation and management of common library systems.
5. Building a unified union catalog for the public universities.
6. Improve information literacy skills and to share training, resources and expertise.
7. Select the appropriate e-resources for the Egyptian scientific.
8. Manage and update the subscription with the consortium participants.
9. Develop institutional repositions for the Egyptian public universities.
10. Promote open access initiatives among the consortium member.

Since it is viewed in the context of rising costs of library materials, changing patterns of research, and evolving methods of gaining access to information through technological advances, interests in this area extend broadly from cooperative collection development and scholarly communication efforts, support of interlibrary access and services and preservation initiatives to participation in national networks and multi-type library programs.

The Collection Development Electronic Resources Sharing Committee, through shared purchase agreements, increases the availability of electronic resources for the university communities, reduces the overall cost of electronic resources, and creates a process and structure for decision making among the three universities.

Principal Consortia Functions:
Electronic Resources sharing and collection development Electronic content licensing Union catalog and national depositors. Open access journal publishing initiatives.

Other Functions:
Presents seminars and workshops to university faculty and staff on selected topics.

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